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Jul 12 2011
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Rob Lindsay has been practicing T’ai Chi since 1978 and been teaching since 1985 Rob’s past teachers have been Stan Chan of Wellington, Master Wan Kean Chew of Penang (a personal student of Grandmaster Chen Man Ch’ing) and Patrick Kelly (a personal student of Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan), photographed.


Briefly stated with practice T’ai Chi yields the ability to relax at a very deep level, improves the natural flow of energy (or ch’i, as named by the Chinese), and provides the basis for maintaining good health.


Each class begins with a set of five warmups that help to develop balance, flexibility and mental concentration. This is followed by practice of the ‘short form’ (Cheng Man Ch’ing’s 37 posture Yang form): a sequence of postures linked together to create one graceful movement lasting about twenty minutes. It usually takes a beginning student about nine months to learn this form.


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Master Huang Sheng Shyan

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