Master Huang Sheng Shyans 5 Loosening Exercises

Each class begins with a set of five loosening exercises that help to develop balance, flexibility and mental concentration. These exercises were one of Master Huang Sheng Shyan’s contributions to Tai Chi, refining to a high level this and other aspects throughout his lifetime. The exercises are an excellent compliment to ‘The Form’ as the isolate key principles such as learning to relax and loosen the body especially the limbs, moving from the waist, keeping the spine erect and alternate sinking in a simple repetitive manor that allows for deep introspection within the same movement. This practice in turn hastens the development of the principles within ‘The Form’ and ‘Push Hands’

The ‘Short Form”

Cheng Man Ch’ings 37 Posture Yang Style Tai Chi

The ‘Short Form’ was developed by master Cheng Man Ch’ing in response to the time constraints of modern life and its faster pace. It is a shortened and condensed form taking 37 essential postures from the full 108 posture ‘Long Form’ as taught to him by Yang Cheng Fu. These postures were connected into a similar continuous flowing sequence cutting the duration of the form by half, so 20 minutes as opposed to 40 for the long form.

The ‘Long Form’

Yang Family 108 Posture Tai Chi Form as developed by Yang Cheng Fu

The ‘Long Form’ is learnt once completing the ‘Short Form’ and is ideal as a way of further developing balance due to more intricate postures and concentration through the extended time taken to complete this form.

White Crane ‘Quick Fist’

This is a form of short duration lasting a few minutes that is practiced at moderate to fast speeds. Master Huang added this to the compliment to replace the Yang Family fast form that was lost on Yang Cheng Fu’s death. Master Huang inserted the soft principles of Tai Chi as a compliment to this form and is a result of his high development.

This form is taught to students after the completion of the ‘Long Form’ and ‘Push Hands’ (usually around the 3rd year).